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FrameWork empowers corporations with a litigation support management platform that provides better control over vendors and the litigation support spend, while dramatically improving visibility into when and how company and custodial data is handled.

Gain Clarity & Control

Vendor Management

  • Maintain vendor information in one place; indicate preferred vendors; enable performance ratings.
  • Review vendors by service, performance, and price – award more work to those vendors who provide the best return…without all the research and bidding hassle.

Data and Asset Tracking

  • View the history of custodian data across matters or on a matter-by-matter basis; leverage this information to minimize multiple collections and business interruptions.
  • Obtain quick status on assets to satisfy custodian requests.

Reporting and Analysis

  • Design reports from your selected workflow to surface status, efficiency, cost, and exceptions.
  • Provide stakeholders with real-time status reports on their data as it progresses through the workflow.
  • Leverage exception reports to identify issues as they occur, speed resolution, and manage stakeholder expectations effectively.
  • Decrease time required to audit vendor bills — compare against actual data volumes and activities from FrameWork reports.


  • Notes are stored within the matter by date, time, and author so you can easily review all current and historical information.
  • Customize and export note reports for review and presentation to the team.


  • Dashboards paired with in-depth reporting provide a central hub to view real-time status or analyze the history of your data, matter-related communication, and costs.
  • Modify dashboards with drag-and-click to suit your specific project needs.


  • Track all billable and non-billable activities.
  • Capture billing metrics and inputs for internal labor hours.
  • Provide customizable reports to export for invoicing.

Lower Costs

Budget Management

  • Keep costs in line with real-time project costs from outside service providers and internal usage metrics.
  • Reduce time spent managing projects – all information is in one place, with built-in reports and alerts to expedite communication about budget, status, and exceptions.

Data Integration

  • Import data from multiple systems such as Access, Excel, or MS Projects to centralize past and current data into FrameWork.
  • This eliminates redundancy and the time-consuming effort of maintaining multiple systems and “parallel” processes for like functions.

Vendor Management

  • Get better pricing by leveraging vendor cost comparison reports.
  • Measure projected cost to actual cost. Track variances by vendor and service provided to help improve future vendor selection and estimating.

Minimize Risk

Single Platform

  • Minimize risk introduced through uncontrolled workflow and disparate data management. With an end-to-end Litigation Support Project Management system, all workflow is standardized and all data is centralized, which minimizes possible inconsistencies and errors.

Evidence and Asset Tracking

  • Ensure a defensible discovery process. FrameWork’s workflow functionality supports the EDRM and provides clear chain-of-custody tracking of media and evidence, thus minimizing the risk of sanctions.


  • Define rules for automated alerts for events such as schedule and status exceptions, starting activities, or met milestones. Receive alerts via real-time dashboard updates to aid in prompt risk and resolution issues.

Security & Quality Control

  • FrameWork is a user roles- and rights-based system which allows for flexible, editable user configuration that enables fine-grained control over access to sensitive information. Selective rights help manage internal workflow and procedures to reduce human errors and discrepancies.
  • Comprehensive action tracking reduces errors and actions on parts of the workflow and allows you to clearly track and manage errors by individual employee and third-party providers.

Increase Productivity

Collaboration Platform

  • Collaborate with internal teams and outside parties from one central repository.
  • Import data from external processing service providers or internal applications as well as customize the system to your department’s specific and growing needs.

Third-Party Integration

  • FrameWork’s roadmap includes building APIs that will allow integration with most eDiscovery processing, ECA, document review and other off-the-shelf tools. This will give your team more visibility into reporting, analysis, and budgeting.

Matter Email Tracking

  • FrameWork enables you to auto-generate a matter-specific email address upon the creation of a matter. By Cc’ing and Bcc’ing the specific email address, FrameWork allows you to store and view all communication in one place.

Help Desk Ticketing

  • Provides users the ability to track, monitor and assign support requests.
  • Track requests on a client, matter or project level and assign to specific system users for task completion.
  • Assign alerts to support requests for advance notification of any relevant, approaching or extended, deadlines.

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FrameWork’s user-friendly interface does not require special training and is ideal for those who need anytime-anywhere access. FrameWork
is installed behind your firewall or on our secure servers. All you need is a web browser and internet connection.

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