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Celerity Consulting Group is an information management consulting firm that helps companies, law firms, regulated entities, and agencies resolve their risk and compliance, litigation, or restructuring challenges. Our specific services include records management,records gathering and review, records validation, litigation technology integration, ediscovery and litigation support, document hosting, and business and engineering analysis. We offer a range of technology solutions, including industry-standard tools, a proprietary web-based document review platform, OLIVER, and custom database development. Recent and current Celerity clients include 19 of the AmLaw 2011 top 25 law firms.

Norman Yee
Chief Operating Officer

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Cicayda is a software and services company delivering 100% cloud-based e-discovery applications and professional managed services and eDiscovery consulting. Led by long time legal technology executive and former CaseLogistix CEO Roe Frazer and CaseLogistix architect Jason Cox, the cicayda suite of e-discovery tools includes legal hold management, processing, review, search, and text analytics. About the name: A blue-eyed cicada is that one-in-a-million cicada, genetically unique, emerging from the swarm of millions of cicadas that emerge every 17 years in our Nashville community. They create an extremely loud yet harmonious sound; some might even say “music”. Our cloud-based platform gives intelligent lawyers the best chance of finding that one-in-a-million document in that torrential swarm and loud noise of e-discovery.

Ryan Best
EVP Technology Services

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Nashville, TN 37201
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Offering a variety of professional services in the areas of electronic discovery consulting, information security and assessments, expert witness testimony, and technology integration, including in-house litigation implementation support systems. We provide in-depth expertise in the areas of electronic discovery covering the full spectrum of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM), from information management and identification to production and presentation. Our quick deployment team can assist with incident response, forensic data collections, forensic examinations and expert reports, provide expert witness services across the nation in a timely and cost-effective manner that is conscious of the enterprise’s needs to control risk and minimize litigation exposure.

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Envision Discovery is a leading, full-service E-Discovery provider for law firms, corporate counsel, and government agencies. Envision helps legal teams control the costs, mitigate the risks, and find all relevant, responsive data in vast volumes of electronically stored information. At Envision Discovery we are passionate about e-discovery. Over the past 13 years, Envision’s team has helped many Fortune 500 companies and their legal teams to find the evidence they needed, to execute their discovery requests, and to fulfil all of the legal requirements of the discovery process in a transparent and defensible manner. We are constantly testing and implementing new technologies, such as early data assessment tools, search engines, and review platforms, in order to provide our clients the best and most cost-efficient technology available.

Todd Meaker
Managing Partner

1403 Capital Blvd.
Raleigh, NC 28603
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Since 1928, the Huseby family has been proudly serving the legal community providing the highest quality court reporting, trial services and litigation support in the industry. Today, with locations coast to coast, Huseby is well situated to provide our clients support services across the United States. We have never forgotten that the key to delivering outstanding client service comes down to the quality of people at the local level and the local service focus you have grown to trust. From our stable group of local court reporters, videographers and conveniently located offices, to an account team that understands the unique needs of your practice, we guarantee your deposition and trial support experience will far exceed your expectations.

Brad Wickard
Director, Corporate and Trial Services

1230 West Morehead St., Suite 408
Charlotte, NC 28208
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TrustPoint International, an Excelerate Discovery company, is a leading ediscovery services and review company. Our core focus is providing law firms and corporate legal departments with cost-certain and transparent end-to-end discovery solutions. These solutions encompass everything from collection through production services, technology assisted review and attorney staffing for projects in litigation, investigations and merger-related inquiries. TrustPoint International works with your team to implement the most cost-efficient approach to ediscovery workflow. Our methods and services are geared towards minimizing the amount of data to be reviewed and streamlining the way in which that data is reviewed.

Todd K. Tabor
Partner, Vice President of Operations

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Atlanta, GA 30339
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Award-winning Wave Software is a leading provider of early data analysis, legal hold electronic data discovery, and litigation project management technology for global corporations. Its family of products include Trident Collector, Trident Lite, Trident Preview, Trident Pro, Trident Expert and FrameWork. Each product offers the next level of technology for electronic discovery and litigation support. Wave Software proudly serves law firms, corporate legal departments, computer forensics firms and government entities as they prepare e-discovery data to be reviewed in popular software formats including iCONECT, Concordance, Summation, Relativity and others.

300 South Orange Ave
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Orlando, FL 32801
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