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FrameWork provides litigation support service providers with an industry-specific project management application that enables them to maximize client service and revenue tracking, while decreasing the cost of doing business.

Gain Clarity & Control

Service Pricing and Proposals

  • Customize and configure services and pricing on a client-by-client basis, including the generation of national, matter, and project-level proposals.
  • Pricing can be product-specific and can include options for tiered and bundled pricing.


  • Select a standard EDRM workflow for a project then configure it as needed to meet the client’s particular needs. The workflow leverages the client-specific pricing and ensures accurate billing and management of your client’s data.
  • Track status at client, matter, project, work order, or task level. Receive alerts and standard reports.

Reporting and Analysis

  • Use standard reports driven by the selected workflow — or develop custom ones.
  • Optimize revenue tracking through detailed data and activity tracking and built-in reports that provide automatic client billing support.
  • Offer clients real-time status reports on their data as it progresses through the workflow.
  • Leverage exception reports to identify issues as they occur, speed resolution, and manage client expectations effectively.


  • Dashboards paired with in-depth reporting provide a central hub to view real-time status or analyze the history of your data, matter-related communication, and costs.
  • Modify dashboards with drag-and-click to suit your specific project needs.


  • Track all billable and non-billable activities.
  • Capture billing metrics and inputs for internal labor hours.
  • Provide customizable reports to export for invoicing.

Increase Productivity

Collaboration Platform

  • Collaborate with internal teams, partners, and clients from one central repository.
  • Publish processing statistics and chosen reports to clients and partners securely online.

Third-Party Integration

  • FrameWork’s roadmap includes building APIs that will allow integration with most eDiscovery processing, ECA, document review and other off-the-shelf tools. This will give your team more visibility into reporting, analysis, and budgeting.

Help Desk Ticketing

  • Provides users the ability to track, monitor and assign support requests.
  • Track requests on a client, matter or project level and assign to specific system users for task completion.
  • Assign alerts to support requests for advance notification of any relevant, approaching or extended, deadlines.

Lower Costs

Data Integration

  • Import data from multiple systems such as Access, Excel, or MS Projects to centralize past and current data into FrameWork.
  • This eliminates redundancy and the time-consuming effort of maintaining multiple systems and “parallel” processes for like functions.

Budget Management

  • Keep costs in line with real-time project costs from outside service providers and internal usage metrics.

Minimize Risk

Single Platform

  • Minimize risk introduced through uncontrolled workflow and disparate data management. With an end-to-end Litigation Support Project Management system, all workflow is standardized and all data is centralized, which minimizes possible inconsistencies and errors.

Evidence and Asset Tracking

  • Ensure a defensible discovery process. FrameWork’s workflow functionality supports the EDRM and provides clear chain-of-custody tracking of media and evidence, thus minimizing the risk of sanctions.


  • Define rules for automated alerts for events such as schedule and status exceptions, starting activities, or met milestones. Receive alerts via real-time dashboard updates to aid in prompt risk and resolution issues.

Security & Quality Control

  • FrameWork is a roles- and rights-based system which allows for flexible, editable user configuration that enables fine-grained control over access to sensitive information. Selective rights help manage internal workflow and procedures to reduce human errors and discrepancies.
  • Comprehensive action tracking reduces errors and actions on parts of the workflow and allows you to clearly track and manage errors by individual employee and third-party providers.

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FrameWork’s user-friendly interface does not require special training and is ideal for those who need anytime-anywhere access. FrameWork
is installed behind your firewall or on our secure servers. All you need is a web browser and internet connection.

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